Thursday, March 4, 2021

American Rapper Bobby Shmurda To Be Released From Prison



American rapper, Bobby Shmurda, is set to be released from prison today.

Report says, the 26-year-old rapper is looking forward to spending quality time with his family and getting back into the studio after spending the last six years incarcerated.

Shmurda’s mother, Leslie Pollard said she’s counting down the hours until her son’s release and the day will include a quiet dinner with his family.

She added that Shmurda is also looking to work on some new music.

Shmurda was denied parole by a judge but the Time Allowance Committee overturned the decision and granted Shmurda a conditional release due to his good behaviour and participation in programs while behind bars.

Shmurda was initially arrested in 2014 on gang conspiracy, gun and drug charges and pleaded guilty to 4th-degree conspiracy and 2nd-degree criminal weapons possession and was sentenced to seven years in prison.