Sunday, September 19, 2021

Correspondent Examines Myth, Physiological Reasons Behind Being Left Handed



It is generally believed that people should write and do most other things with the right hand, so special interest is taken in those who use the left hand, especially to write.

Some cultures believe left handedness brings ill-luck.

Oluseye Akinwalere in this report finds out the realities about the myth around left handedness.

Many great men and women of old including Aristotle; Alexander the Great; Julius Caesar; Napoléon Bonaparte; Henry Ford; Michelangelo; Leonardo da Vinci; Charlie Chaplin; Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton were left handed.

Same for Bill Clinton; Barack Obama; Bill Gates; Phil Collins; Steve Jobs; Mark Zuckerberg; Amitabh Bachchan; Whoopie Goldberg; Angelina Jolie; Celine Dion; Justin Bieber; Tom Cruise; Julia Roberts; Sylvester Stallone; Bruce Willis; Oprah Winfrey and Rafael Nadal

Back home, prominent Nigerians such Funke Akindele; Desmond Elliot; Babatunde Fashola; Chiwetel Ejiofor; Adesua Etomi; Segun Arinze; Teco Benson; Emeka Ike and Toolz are left-handed.

In schools and work places among others you come across people who write with their left hands yet they are seen as special people.

What is responsible for this perception, afterall both hands are supposed to be useful.

A psychologist, Stephen Okazea explains why people who write with the left hand attract attention since the majority use right hand while he added that it may be genetic.

A medical practitioner, Dr Funmilayo Ajenifuja said some of the reasons for left handedness include fetal development process and genetic factors.

He enjoined parents to allow their children use any hand they prefer.

There is a myth that right handers have brighter futures while others say the claim has no scientific backing and therefore can’t be true.

A left handed person, Mr Bola Kolawole explained that in the last 30years using his left hand has never obstructed his progress in any way.

The myth around being left handed is certainly one of the controversies that still define the way the average African thinks and acts and medical experts say the earlier such thought patterns are changed the better.