Sunday, January 17, 2021

Correspondent examines the impact of high cost of governance on national development



Since independence Nigeria has gone through peculiar governance challenges which have taken a huge toll on nation building.

With every new year, the dream of improvement in the living standard of the people seems to fade away the more, blurring the hope of the citizens to own a country they can truly call giant of the continent.

Orange FM’s Olumide Adeluwoye reports that the inability of governments over the years to effectively utilize the available resources to develop the country continues to agitate the minds of the people as evident in the wide spread and consistent clamour for restructuring.

Despite the abundant human and natural resources in the country, citizens still groan under the yoke of poverty, as the people emphasise that implementation of the social contract between leaders and the led is not in any way exciting.

In a bid to change the narrative successive governments since the return to democratic rule in 1999, have talked about the need to shed weight with respect to the number of political offices that exist towards making more funds available for real impactful development.

The irony however is that rather than reduce the cost of running government, every new administration seems to create more offices than it inherited from its predecessor

The questions that then come to mind include the following:

In whose interest is the high cost of governance in Nigeria, and how can the cost of governance be reduced to encourage real development?

An elderstatesman and former Commissioner for Information in Ondo state, Prince Olu Adegboro says Nigeria needs to go back to Parliamentary System of government.

An economist and former Governor of Central Bank Of Nigeria, CBN, Mr. Charles Soludo emphasises that the cost of governance in Nigeria is outrageous and something urgent must be done.

Taking a look at the issue of pension packages for former governors, a political affairs analyst Mr. Gbola Oba said perpetrators of evil tendencies are destroying the potentials for the growth of Nigeria.

Another Political Affairs Analyst, Mr. Lekan Olajobi said hiccups in Nigeria’s political history had drawn the country backward from its great foundation.

Mr Olajobi advised that various stakeholders should come together for a dialogue to restructure the country.

The consensus is that If Nigeria must be great again, there is the need for sacrifice from leaders who must promote National interest above personal desires