Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Correspondent Seeks Stakeholders’ Views On Reorientation Of Nigerians



The difficulties being confronted by an average Nigerian are such that many are beginning to lose faith in the country and its ability to make them feel worthy and fulfilled.

Indeed many are so disenchanted that the only thing they see as solution is to leave the shores of this country.

Questions however abound, including whether abandoning Nigeria is actually the right thing to do, and whether the country’s situation is beyond redemption.

Oluseye Akinwalere in this special report takes a look at what must be done to change the perception of Nigerians about their country and make the citizens see hope rather than despair.

A time there was when Nigeria was the pride of Africa, and the world envied the country for its abundant human and natural resources.

It was also a time when the world reverred some of the country’s leaders for iconic thinking and excellent administration, and names like Enahoro, Azikiwe, Sardauna and Awolowo among many others readily come to mind.

The currency was strong,  infrastructural development was massive and sustainable, the economy was driven by export, tourism was thriving, many people wanted to visit Nigeria and infact patriotism was at its peak.

However people say things are now almost the exact opposite, and the clear evidences are brain drain and indeed massive migration to even countries that once never had a rating where Nigeria was mentioned.

Dr Adedayo Afe was a young Nigerian in the 60s and he takes us through the way the country was administered that made all the difference

Many are quick to blame military intervention and many also attribute the reversal of the nation’s fortunes to bad leadership by both the military and civilian administrations that have governed the country.

Yet, another group believes it is an orientation problem, after all every country has its peculiar problems.

A cross section of Nigerians who were interviewed on their disposition to Nigeria as their country gave reasons ranging from insecurity to ethnic challenges, economic difficulties, quality of governance and discrimination against the youth

As the nation begins the countdown to its 61st independence anniversary many onlookers within and outside Nigeria are wondering what can be done to change the narrative.

A cleric, Olu Fatile, a journalist, Eni Akinsola and a public Affairs commentator, Israel Fagbemigun say the situation is not beyond redemption but emphasise that all stakeholders including the leaders and led must play their parts.

The National Orientation Agency says it has plans towards redirecting the thoughts and actions of Nigerians to believe in Nigeria and love Nigeria.

As Nigerians yearn for greatness it remains to be seen whether everyone will in his or her little corner work for the greatness of the country or whether the desire for a great country will remain at the level of a mere desire.