Thursday, September 28, 2023

Experts caution Ondo residents against poor environmental hygiene



Residents of the state have been cautioned against indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the state as this has remained a challenge in state.

In many parts of the state,the country and the world, improper waste management has led to a host of problems which have resulted in environmental degradation, harming the ecosystems and marine life at an alarming rate.

Poor waste management also poses significant health risks to communities, as it can lead to the spread of diseases , and fatalities through contamination of water sources.

Valuable resources are wasted when materials like plastics that could be recycled or reused end up in landfills leading to flooding in some parts.

However, to address the challenges posed by poor waste management, several steps need to be taken conscientiously and consistently.

While Speaking on the issue, former Chairman Ondo Waste Management Authority Committee Mr. Kehinde Badejo Harped on the need to enhance waste collection services to cover all areas and ensure regular pickup.

He added that communities and residents should also put in their quota to ensure that the environment is clean for public health and resource preservation.

An Environmental expert, Mr Fatai Amodu said there is a need to launch public awareness campaigns to educate people on responsible waste disposal and the consequences of poor waste management.

He added that government should enact and enforce stringent waste management regulations and hold defaults responsible for their misdeeds.

Others called on communities, governments, and businesses to work together to implement effective waste management practices as through collective efforts and responsible waste disposal, it will be easy to mitigate the adverse effects of poor waste management and move towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.