Thursday, September 28, 2023

Femi Adebayo makes a strong case against piracy in Nollywood



Jagun Jagun movie producer Femi Adebayo has issued a strong message addressing his view on the piracy wars the creative industry faces.

He expressed the need to protect the Nigerian film industry in his post on Instagram writing, “Piracy is a criminal act that threatens the very essence of our creative industry… we really have to protect Nollywood’s future and support legitimate creators”.

In view of his strong actions in supporting the anti-piracy war, Adebayo has launched a search on pirating perpetrators. He and his team have arrested a DVD pirate seller who pirated copies of his recently released movie Jagun Jagun.

The Yoruba epic movie is only available on the Netflix streaming platforms and as such shouldn’t have DVD copies.

As a result, Adebayo calls on individuals with credible information regarding pirating sources of Jagun Jagun. He said, “If you possess any information about individuals involved in producing or distributing pirated copies of Jagun Jagun, I implore you to share with us immediately via Dm or email”.

Femi Adebayo isn’t the first Nigerian creative plagued with the piracy struggle. Kemi Adetiba also had the same experience, with individuals pirating her movie King of Boys.

The incident occurred in September 2021, with some person impersonating her on an illegal pirating website, pleading for the removal of King of Boys from the website. Kemi distanced herself from the widely spreading piracy issue, describing it as a disturbing act which she had no hand in.

Jagun Jagun is still streaming on Netflix and one can only hope that the piracy wars get successfully tackled.