Thursday, July 29, 2021

Flood waters submerge train stations in China



As floodwater crashed through a busy subway station in China, desperate passengers tried to flee while others were swept helplessly off platforms.

In one train carriage, water seeped in and rose from ankle, to waist, to neck-height.

Panicked commuters stretched upwards to breathe, while others lifted shorter people into the shrinking air pocket above.

Some passengers stood on chairs and clinging to the ceiling as the floodwater crept upwards.

One tried to smash a window, before realising that there was even more water outside the carriage.

After several hours of fear and uncertainty, rescuers were able to gain access through the roof of the carriage and pulled people out.

Hundreds of people were eventually saved from the flooded subway tunnel in Zhengzhou, a city of 12 million people that sits on the banks of the Yellow River in central Henan province.