Saturday, November 28, 2020

Grand Imam of Akure, Yayi-Akorede warns against beating war drums



Nigerians have been advised to avoid war at all cost because of its far reaching consequences, as it always takes any society many decades backward.

The Grand Imam of Akure, Sheikh Abdulhakeem Yayi Akorede while speaking on the state of the nation expressed disappointment that some people are fanning the embers of disunity and disintegration

Sheikh Akorede who reminded everyone that only few people ever survive a war also condemned the massive destruction of both public and private properties in Ondo and Lagos states by hoodlums who hijacked the EndSARS protest

The cleric observed that those who genuinely started the EndSARS protest had since returned home like decent agitators while miscreants have taken over and are causing mayhem.

He expressed confidence that the nation’s leaders leaders have learnt major lessons from the genuine protests hence the youth need to be patient to get response to our requests.