Monday, January 18, 2021

Health professionals and clerics counsel on the dangers of poor anger management



People get angry when they feel hurt over an issue especially if they be

lieve they are being cheated or taken for granted

While some people believe that anger is a spirit in humans that destroys lives, others feel getting angry cannot be avoided in human interaction.

Orange FM’s Gbenga Oluwajana reports on anger, its perception, health implications and how best anger it can be controlled.

Mad, irritated, annoyed, resentful, and enraged are some related feelings that come with the anger spectrum that if excessive in nature can degenerate to a societal embarrassment for concerned individuals.

Acting out anger through physical or verbal aggression, or even more passive aggression such as ignoring and silence are reactions that affect inter personal relationships of people.

Some Nigerians, Demola Adeyelu and Helen Esho said anything in life including anger should have its limits.

They believe that getting angry cannot be avoided while others opine that anger is a feeling that needs not be expressed in an aggressive manner, irrespective of level of provocation.

Experts say poorly-managed anger with partners, friends, and co-workers can cause legal problems, make it difficult to concentrate on daily jobs and also affect physical health of individuals overtime.

A social Analyst, Mr Olatunbosun Awe said anger can be devastating if not checked but tasked people to think before they react whenever they get annoyed by situations around them.

A cleric, Pastor Victor Shodinmu and an Islamic scholar, Alhaji Lai Gidado tasked people not to allow excessive anger ruin their integrity.

A psychologist, Tohib Olaniyi said anger is an emotional response that leads to physiological reaction and if not checked can lead to increase in the adrenaline level of such individual and can affect their health negatively.

A medical practitioner, Dr Dare Aderemi said some people jeopardize their health when they get angry, leading to various health diseases.

He admonished people to be soft and assertive in their response and don’t allow their emotions overwhelm them negatively when angry.

Others affirmed that deliberately building cordial relationship with fellow human beings will go a long way in suppressing anger in humans which will make the society a better to live in.