Saturday, November 28, 2020

Influential citizens advised to hire professional bodyguards rather than policemen for protection



Influential Nigerians have been encouraged to always engage the services of professional bodyguards for protection instead of denying members of the public adequate police security.

This follows the recent directive of the Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu ordering the withdrawal of all police orderlies attached to influential Nigerians.

Orange FM’s Oluseye Akinwalere reports that the United Nations recommends a police man to hundred citizens for effective policing.

However Nigeria has just about three hundred and seventy thousand police officers which gives a ratio of one policeman to four hundred citizens

This gap has prompted the President to approve periodic recruitment into the force

Also the police top hierarchy decided to withdraw all its men attached to Important Personalities in the country.

Some Nigerians who spoke on the development lauded the leadership of the Police for taking the bull by the horns

A security expert, Retired Colonnel Saka Foluso said police officers should be allowed to function in their primary area of concentration.

Also, a former lawmaker and legal practitioner, Mr. Kenneth Olawale said the Constitutional role of the Police is to provide security for all Nigerians not individuals

He advised the Police Authorities to shun temptations from influential Nigerians who often lure them into giving them security cover.