Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Media experts set agenda for Tinubu administration beyond 100 days in office



Social Analysts and Commentators have enjoined Nigerians to be patient with President Bola Tinubu as he embarks on measures to deal with the endemic and perennial socio-economic challenges facing the country.

Orange FM in this report felt the pulse of some analysts on their perspective of the present administration since he assumed office.

In the last week since President Bola Tinubu clocked 100 days in office, commentators and political observers have busied themselves, dissecting the president’s performance in office, particularly his major decisions and policy options.

The newspapers and electronic media have been awash with many, lauding the giant strides recorded within just three months, few days in office and the areas that require improvements.

For instance, the twin policies of fuel subsidy removal and floating of the Naira, which he immediately implemented, appeared to have combined to inflict more mysteries on Nigerians, as the implementation of those policies was welcomed by galloping inflation, labour unrest and the continuous slide in the value of the Naira.

The Federal Government has however been actively engaging the citizens striving to explain the difficult policies it is implementing and the need for Nigerians to be patient amidst growing economic challenges across all strata of the society.

A Public Affairs Analyst, Mr. Lekan Olajobi said the policies implemented by President Tinubu if sustained will boost the economic prosperity of Nigeria in the long run.

Olajobi appealed to Nigerians to be patient stressing that President Tinubu still has time to fix the loopholes in the interest of all Nigerians.

A UK social commentator, Dr Marindoti Oludare said President Bola Tinubu has what it takes to paddle the ship of Nigeria to its lofty heights in the committee of nations.

A Journalist and Media Expert, Akinwumi Abodunde said President Tinubu must be proactive to fix the attendant effects of his policies which is affecting the citizenry.

Others said government must ensure that there are measures to cushion effects of the policies initiated by government for citizens to enjoy dividends of good governance in all sectors.