Sunday, October 17, 2021

Nigerians Kick In Reaction To Abuse Of Students Of Madrasah School In Kwara



Nigerians have kicked against maltreating children all in the name of training them.

This follows the viral video on social media where a child in Madrasah, Misbaudeen Al-Islamiy Arabic School, Ganmo (Ile kewu) in Kwara State was seen flogged mercilessly by authorities of the school.

Orange FM’s Olumide Adeluwoye reports that muslim clerics emphasized that what was seen on Facebook was against Islamic doctrine as the religion does not permit brutalising anyone as the holy quoran is particular about respect for human beings at all times

Madrasah known as ILE KEWU is a place for training Muslim children on the path of Prophet Muhammed and the lessons learnt serve as a comprehensive blueprint for proper living.

Chief Imam of Akure, Sheikh Yayi Akorede said discipline is partbif the teachings at Ile kewu but but it does not include brutalising them.

A legal Practitioner, Alhaji Daodu Abdulkadir said molesting students or any person is a condemnable act which is against criminal code or penal code of the constitution of Nigeria and anyone found guilty of the offence is liable to a jail term.

Deputy Director of Darussunnah Centre, Akure, Alhaji Abdulhamid Hanafi said there is alot of strategy to teaching instead of flogging a child mercilessly

A graduate of Madrasah, Waziri Ajibade said through out his stay at the school no one was molested as their training included love and compassion.

Others said discipline is good but should be done with modesty