Thursday, September 28, 2023

Nigerians react to preponderance of pornographic contents on social media



Reactions have continued to trail how obscene contents ravaged social media space causing a total collapse of our moral values and culture.

Opinion Moulders called on the government and regulatory bodies to come up with appropriate measures towards gate keeping contents before going viral.

There has been mass decline in moral standards directly and indirectly in large segments of the Nigerian society due to the proliferation of contents circulated on the social media space.

The display of these pornographic contents on social media in a bid at getting against one another or displaying obscene pictures towards selling a content space in the new media, either through Facebook, Instagram among others has in one way or the other collapse moral value and culture of the society.

Reacting to this, A Communication Expert, John Paul Akinduro noted that it is quite abysmal that most handlers of social media platforms no longer circulate contents as changed agents anymore due to moral decadence.

He noted that there must be a conversation with Technology Experts or Owners of the various Social Media platforms on gate keeping contents before going viral.

A counsellor, Kayode Oladipupo urged government to come up with adequate measures towards regulating the social media space.

He said sanctions and punishments according to the Nigeria Constitution should be meted out to perpetrators of this barbaric act.

Also, Legal practitioner, Dele Kuboye stated that in the Nigeria Constitution, there are cybercrime prevention and prohibition act, 2015; criminal code and penal code which provides stringent punishments for the offensive of obscene publications.

Kuboye said there is urgent need for the National Assembly to come up with a bill to curb the menace.

With this scandalous display of pornographic contents on social media, heating up into the society, it is hoped that government must do the needful before it gets out of hand.