Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Nigeria’s political elite told to jettison personal gains for national progress



The Nigerian political elite have been implored to explore the critical issues of sincerely uniting the citizens and blocking wastage of public resources to drive the process of development.

Public Affairs commentators who had an interaction with Orange FM’s Flora Iweanya also highlighted the need to give priority to healthcare and security towards increasing life expectancy.

Nigeria’s population is estimated at over 200 million, which means the country has skilled and unskilled labour in abundance.

The country is also rich in virtually all kinds of resources known to man.

These endowments should have made Nigeria one of the key destinations for global investment and with its wealth in petroleum and natural resources as well as its vast agricultural potential, Nigeria should have by now become Africa’s undisputed economic giant.

However, the country is not harnessing its potential and Its large population has thus become a source of weakness instead of strength.

A religious leader, Imam Abdulfatai Abdulsalam said lack of commitment by leaders and the people to the Nigerian project is the main issue.

He also highlighted that the flooding of the polity with hard-line ethnic and religious sentiments is moving the country towards destruction.

A public affairs commentator Olalekan Olajobi Stated that while several other factors have combined over the decades to hold Nigeria down, the horrific state of security in the last 10 years has weakened the fabric of the state.

A politician, Sola Ajisafe Said change is possible but first, there has to be a mental and moral reorientation of the citizens and the leaders.

Unfortunately many citizens have lost confidence in the country, and they are quick to emphasise that real development can not happen in the next five decades.

The general consensus of opinion leaders is that there are no shortcuts to fixing Nigeria’s problems as it requires a conscious effort to ensure good governance which can never be achieved by electing people who just want to be in office for self aggrandizement.