Sunday, January 17, 2021

Nollywood actors stand by Gideon Okeke over angry comments against movie executives



Gideon Okeke has revealed that he’s having an emotional breakdown and said he’s tempted to quit acting because of the shabby way Nigerian actors are treated.

He called Nigerian film executives names, including thieves, and said they do not remember the actors when it’s time to share the proceeds from the movies.

He added that he keeps fighting for the condition of actors to be better but his fellow actors do not show support.

After he shared his post, a number of actors commented, indicating support including Iretiola Doyle, Hilda Dokubo, Sam Sunny, Walter Anga, Uche Elendu, and more left comments showing him support.

Emeka Rollas responded and told Gideon he is trying to “emotionalize the issue to draw unnecessary comments from very ignorant fellows capable of causing disharmony among them