Thursday, September 28, 2023

Ondo Schools resume for new academic session



Schools in Akure, the Ondo state capital resumed fresh 2023/2024 academic session today with renewed vigour to learn and make heads way in their promotion examinations.

A visit to some private and public primary and secondary schools in Akure showed impressive turn out of students and teachers who resumed timely, cleaning their surroundings in preparation for teaching and learning process.

Academic activities resumed in earnest for 2023/2024 academic session after 7 weeks of break as students filed in in their large numbers to prepare adequately for teaching and learning process and their promotion examination.

A visit to some private schools including mummy’s place schools in Akure showed impressive turn out of students and pupils who came in with their parents to resume classes.

Also, public secondary schools like Oyemekun Grammar school, St Dominic high school, st Louis grammar school , fiwasaye girls grammar school, had larger number of students in the classroom preparing for the Principals test preparatory to classroom instruction.

At Oyemekun Grammar School, there was impressive turnout of students as the principal, Mr Okeowo Ogunleye who dressed in the students uniform danced happily with the students signaling a bright start for the students.

Principal of Dominic’s High School, Mrs Yejide Abidoye said teachers resumed a week before to prepare for resumption urging the students to be focused in their studies.

The Principal, Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School, Mrs Temitope Ojoge and Principal, St Louis Grammar school, Mrs Omobolanle Ayintete said their students are fully prepared to come out in flying colours this term.

Students including Olatunde Excel, Samuel Ifeoma and Augustine Monye said they have to read more and prepare adequately to pass promotional examinations.

The students and pupils were advised to face their academic activities squarely so as to excel in the new academic calendar.