Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Ondo state residents heave sigh of relief as food transporters from the North end strike



Residents of Ondo state can now heave a sigh of relief as normalcy is fast returning to the markets after days of food scarcity occassioned by a strike declared by food transporters from the North

Earlier several food items had been scarce in the markets making the available ones sell for double the usual amount.

Orange FM’s Oluseye Akinwalere reports that the Shasha market now has its usual hustle and bustle as truck loads of food items are arriving in large numbers.

The clash between the Hausa community and the Yorubas at Shasha market in Oyo State among other issues made Northerners to stop the transportation offood items to the South West

This led to the scarcity of items like tomatoes, onions and pepper.

A survey at shasha market showed that normalcy has now returned as trucks filled with foodstuff are parked in the markets ready to be sold.

The Seriki Shasha, Alhaji Shehu Ibrahim allayed the fears of Ondo state residents, promising that there will now be steady influx of food items into the state.

Some residents bemoaned their previous experience as items had to be purchased at absurd prices while expressing relief that things have taken a positive turn.

Traders assured people of more affordable prices now that products are surplus.

After this eye-opener, attention may very well now move to ensuring food sufficiency in the South by the Southerners