Sunday, March 7, 2021

Power sector loses N20.5bn as load rejection lingers



About N20.5bn revenue was lost by Nigeria’s power sector between January 1 and 22, 2021, as operators in the business complained that energy was still being rejected by distributors.

Data obtained from the Federal Ministry of Power showed that the sector lost N20.5bn within the first three weeks of the year.

A total of 1,941 megawatts-hour/hour of electricity was constrained during this period, as this quantum of energy could not be generated on the national grid due to insufficient gas supply, as well as lack of distribution and transmission infrastructure

The average energy that was sent out during the period was 4,505MWH/H as peak power generated on the country’s grid within this three weeks was put at 5,584MW, as industry operators decried the persistent rejection of electricity by power distribution companies.

The General Manager, Market Operations, Transmission Company of Nigeria, Edmund Eje, stated that the widening revenue gap in the market had further made the Discos to drop electricity load.

Eje, who spoke in a virtual power dialogue, explained that the load rejection had impacted negatively on the machines of power generation and transmission companies