Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Residents of Akure seek Government’s intervention on poor hygienic condition of the state capital



Residents of Akure,the Ondo state capital have frowned at indiscriminate dumping of refuse in water ways, in gutters and on the roads, as well as the ineffectiveness of the waste disposal structure in the city.

Orange FM’s Oluseye Akinwalere reports that the situation in the state capital negates the time tested advise that a healthy environment is essential for a healthy citizenry but poor hygiene will definitely cause deadly diseases and epidemics.

Major areas of the state capital are often littered with refuse, with residents complaining bitterly about the odour emanating from such heaps of refuse.

Oja Oba, Isolo and Odo Ijoka are the most notorious for improper refuse disposal in Akure, and unfortunately they host the biggest volume of activities in the city

The Elejoka of Odo joka Chief Ropo Afolabi implored residents to refrain from dumping refuse in gutters.

On allegations that hausa dwellers at Sabo area are responsible for improper dumping of refuse at Araromi and Odojoka junctions, the Seriki Sabo, Sehu Ahmed disagreed and urged government to prevail on refuse collectors to always visit the area and other interior parts of Akure.

The Director of Monitoring in the Waste Management
Authority, Mrs Ayo Adeyemo said task force officers will continue toto arrest miscreants who dump refuse improperly.

Refuse management is a collective responsibility and every stakeholder is expected to play his or her role effectively, even as Orange FM has started a daily check on the hygiene condition in all parts of the state capital.