Sunday, September 19, 2021

Residents of Akure urge government to decisively tackle noise pollution



One of the persistent environmental issues in Nigeria today is high noise levels in residential areas, particularly in urban centres.

Noise from recreational centres such as clubs activities, blarring of music from loudspeakers at home, religious activities as well as use of of power generating sets among others are the sources of noise pollution in residential areas.

Orange FM’s Flora Iweanya reports that many people who are opposed to noise pollution highlighted the importance of sustained sensitization on its dangers.

In Ondo state there is a law on maximum permissible noise levels from a facility in the general environment and that there will be exemptions for those who can prove that high noise levels from their facility is inevitable.

Regardless, those who seek exemption are required to apply for a permit to emit noise in excess of the permissible levels, and this permit can be revoked if there is violation of the terms and conditions.

Besides, whoever considers that the noise levels being emitted, or likely to be emitted, may be higher than the permissible noise levels is expected to complain in writing but must show or prove personal loss or injury or discomfort caused by the emission of the alleged noise.

To this end, the Ondo state government mandated all block industry owners, night clubs, patent medicine sellers, churches, mosques, musical vendors, street dancers to henceforth reduce their noise to permissible level that complies with existing law of the State.

The Permanent Secretary ministry of environment Rev Akin Asaniyan said noise remains a major environmental pollutant which affects plants, animals and humans.

He said sensitisation would help the public to understand the havoc which noise pollution brings to humans, animals, plants, as well as the environment.

Asaniyan asked Nigerians to deliberately comply with environmental laws, adding that the ministry will ensure prosecution of any defaulter after previous warnings.

A medical doctor, Tolu Ademujimi stated that constant exposure to noise pollution is one of the reasons life expectancy is short in urban areas which is In fact the reason most people prefer to retire in the villages in their twilight years.

A legal practitioner Dotun Adegoroye said deliberate noise pollution has major legal implications

Religious leaders Pastor James Adewumi and Alhaji Abdulazeez Folayemi said noise pollution is hazardous to human health hence churches and mosques should comply with laws guiding the state on measurement of noise emitted from religious centres.

A popular noise pollution slogan summarises the dangers inherent in noise pollution which is that noise can fill your ears, and put you in tears and One good way to save and care for our ears indoors or outdoors is to avoid loud sounds.