Sunday, October 17, 2021

Social Media Outage: Nigerians Advised To Have Back Up Plans



The need for Nigerians to to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances at all times with back up plans in order to be able to manoeuvre in such situations has been stressed.

This was the submission of some people who spoke with orange FM on the outage of some social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

last week.

The outage which lasted about about four hours put many in confusion and halted business activities.

Oranges fm’s Oluwanifemi Adebayo who engaged some social media users reports that they expressed sadness that the outage cost many hiccups that was difficult to cope with.

Social Media is an avenue for people to connect with each other and a platform to disseminate information.

Many users are so involved with it that what seems fake to others look so real to them and with that they found another home for themselves.

Adverts and information about various businesses, events, information from all aspects of life are disseminated on social media which over the years hepled many people to gain ground and excel.

A social affairs commentator,Mr Olusola Akinbinu opined that the outage might not have been intentional by the company but as much as it affected so many sectors, government, organisations and individuals should look for alternatives in case of a recurrence.

Mr Gbenga Adene who is a social media influencer while reeling out the different issues encountered during the outage urged individuals to have back up plans.

An economist,Mr Adeola Imani said the economic implications of the outage was enormous as it affected every online business online.

An ICT expert,Mr Femi Akinyomi while highlighting the several issues that might have led to the outage said it is important that these social media platforms have back ups and that people should endeavor to do soon too.

Some social media platform users speak.

Meanwhile the authority in charge of Facebook reported that the root cause of the outage was a faulty configuration change and that it has been rectified.

Since then, the social media platforms have been accessible to users.