Sunday, October 17, 2021

Stakeholders Express Concerns On Social Media Platforms Becoming Dens For Negative Tendencies



Social media platforms are avenues for millions of people to engage at the same time or for friends to share discussions.

They are also the fastest way to sell goods and offer services as well as disseminate general information.

However there have been serious concerns about the possibility of using such platforms for negative tendencies.

Orange FM’s Oluwanifemi Adebayo engaged some Nigerians on the latest controversies surrounding Facebook based on a damning report by a former employee of the company.

Last week, former Facebook employee, Frances Haugen gave a testimony about an internal report Commissioned by Facebook which found that through engagements on the platform young people were being encouraged to commit suicide and engage in unhealthy eating habits.

Haugen who was a product manager hired to help curb election interference on Facebook said she was frustrated by what she saw as the company’s lack of openness about its platforms’ potentials for harm and the company’s unwillingness to address its flaws.

A social affairs commentator, Mr Olusola Akinbinu said that there should be a policy to checkmate content that young people have access to online.

Also, a social media influencer, Mr Gbenga Adene who highligted the different negative impacts of social media said Facebook needs to regulate its content to make it safe for young users.

Some Facebook users said the platform has actually affected some people’s mental health while others said it’s benefits are much more than the down side as it helps in knowledge acquisition.

Others are optimistic that facebook admits tractors will do the needful in regulating it’s content to protect the future of the young adults and teenagers now that the whistle has been blown on the company.