Tuesday, November 29, 2022

US President  Biden Tests Positive For Covid In Rebound Infection



U S president Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid-19 again, in what has been described was described as a rebound infection by his doctor.

The 79-year-old first tested positive to the virus on 21st July, with  mild symptoms and on Saturday Mr Biden said he was not experiencing symptoms but would isolate “for the safety of everyone around me”.

The president had tested negative for the virus four times between Tuesday and Friday last week.

In a letter describing the situation, Mr Biden’s physician Dr Kevin O’Connor said there was no need to resume treatment but the president would remain under “close observation”.

Mr Biden has been taking Paxlovid, an antiviral medicine which Dr O’Connor said had led to a “small percentage” of Covid patients experiencing a “rebound” test.