Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Waste Management in Akure improves after weeks of embarrassing dirt



Akure is gradually returning to it’s former tidy appearance as heaps of dirt in various parts of the state capital such as Araromi, Oja Oba and other areas have been removed.

Residents have therefore charged concerned authorities to ensure this remains the permanent narrative.

Orange FM’sOluseye Akinwalere reports that Ondo State, especially Akure the State capital has been in a deplorable state in the last few weeks with refuse taking over major areas of the state, including main roads

However residents can now heave a sigh of relief as the debris have been evacuated, even though a drive round the town shows that some areas are still in need of attention .

Arakale down to Bye pass axis still has dirt whose odour terribly fouls the air.

In areas like Cathedral where bags of debris have been put on the road divider people whose business premises are there complain of poor atronage as customers avoid the area.

Residents at Oja Oba and Araromi Axis are grateful for the evacuation of Debris as they pleaded for far reaching action on those who choose to dispose their refuse indiscriminately.

The Permanent Secretary Waste Management Authority, Ajibola Ogidan assured of the authority’s dedication to proper collection of waste to ensure a clean and healthy Ondo State.

He however called on well meaning residents of the state to imbibe the attitude of proper waste disposal with the use of waste bins.